Endless problems with Zinio Reader 4 (Computer Music Magazine)
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Endless problems with Zinio Reader 4 (Computer Music Magazine)

So I bit on the SynthMaster CM offer and man I'm really starting to regret it. I used Zinio Reader 4 once before a couple months ago to get another CM mag and, while I remember it being a painful process, I muddled through it. Not so this time. This app/store/company/whatever is broken on top of broken on top of broken. The CM magazine was found after three launches, but the best I can get when trying to download the mag is it sits endlessly in the queue. Trying to open it online gets a "can't do it, try again later" over and over. Sometimes trying to download gets the same message. Can't download the updated Reader 4 from the website. Again, download error message, again and again and again on Chrome and on Firefox it just reopens my existing install. This is on Win XP 32. The only advice I've found on this is saying delete the magazine then recover it from the trash on Reader 4 and it will work, and it doesn't. Anyone know a workaround other tha n the one I tried?

please help

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