Houston won.Here’s what I saw from tonight’s game.
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Houston won.Here’s what I saw from tonight’s game.
Final Score: Texans 16 Houston Texans T-Shirt , 49ers 13 That was a football game. Phew. —Always and forever watching Deshaun Watson play is a joy. Even a quick little touchdown route on a pivot to Andre Ellington yielded an ecstatic yelp. —Jimmy Garoppolo has a wild arm. It also looks like he’s really reading the field and progressing through his reads well. —Kyle Shanahan is a master at creating wide open throws. —It was a bummer Kevin Johnson ate it. That was a brutal tumble. His arm was outstretched and he landed right on his shoulder.Then his head smashed into the turf. Players huddled around him. NRG Stadium became quiet. He eventually walked off and didn’t return. The coverage was bad as its been for the past two years. He got beat off the line of scrimmage and chased the rest of the way.He leaped like a dolphin at the ball, missing and giving up a long completion. The drive ended with Aaron Colvin getting beat for a touchdown. This secondary is probably going to bad, but it doesn’t matter. J.J. Watt, Whitney Mercilus, and Jadeveon Clowney aren’t playing. Houston’s defense is going to depend on its pass rush. The preseason doesn’t offer much meaning anyways, and it especially doesn’t without those three on the field. —LOL I have no idea why he didn’t touch him at all while he was falling to the ground. He even pulls his hands back!Anyways, what are your thoughts?What did you see from this game? Are you excited about the progress of this team and what it can do moving forward? Good morning fellow Texans fans.As many of you were probably aware, the Texans were not involved in any of Sunday’s games.[Obrazek: nike_texans_139.jpg]
While we assume this is just yet another slight against our Texans because they’re jealous of how good we really are, this does not mean that this dog sleeps tonight.No sir, madam Houston Texans Hats , or otherwise.It just means we, your beloved writing staff, are focusing on other games going on, lesser games, games with other non-Texans teams who, I have little doubt, could be beaten by a group of elementary school children with pituitary disorders.In this week’s HotD, you might notice that I do not feature in any of the discussion.First of all, you’re welcome, second of all Houston Texans Hoodie , this is because I had a family function in the high, arid mountains of eastern Washington (the part without the trees) and could not watch a single game today.So let’s get to this abbreviated Dog, shall we?As always, in finest HotD tradition, all swear words will be replaced by the word [kitten].These replacements are responsibly sourced from sustainable growers and 100% organic.Enjoy!Morning GamesWestonLukeI swear to [Kitten] if Mike Vrable leads the BESF’s to a victory over the Patriots I’m going to scream.Diehard ChrisLukeWestonLukeMatt BurnhamCapt RonKenneth L.[Ed. Note:Okay, I lied, I make one cameo appearance and that’s it.]UTWestonMatt BurnhamWestonLuke (to Weston)Afternoon GamesBFDLukeWestonLukeWestonLukeWeston Diehard ChrisLukeBFDSunday Night FootballKenneth L.BFDTold y’all this week would be short.Game Balls - None because [kitten] these teams!Did anything about Sunday’s games stand out to you at all?Just how bad was Brock Osweiler again?Will next week’s HotD be longer than this week’s?You better believe it now commence to commenting.
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