i hate 2v2 with teammates that dont take 2v2 serious
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i hate 2v2 with teammates that dont take 2v2 serious

whenever i play 2v2 to get some more gold and chests and crowns my teammates always just use those low winning rate cards like sparky and royal giant even they arent playing very well.altough it is for casual gamer ,casual doesnt mean u dont hv to take it so serious playing 2v2, the thing is they make me hv a feeling of trolling.u may be thinking that they maybe just got lose in1v1 and then change to 2v2 but i dont like now just 2v2 being for casual.instead i would like to separate 2v2 casual and 2v2 leaderboards so that for some players who are tired of playing leaderboards they can changed to play 2v2 for casual like challenges but gems are needed to play ,and u can try deck with it too .and 2v2 leaderboards will just like normal but u hv to paired up with similar trophies players aainst similar trophies team

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