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ORLANDO, Fla. -- Hurricane Irma cleared out of South Florida on Sept. 10. In Orlando, University of Miami officials gathered in a hotel room, pulled up a spreadsheet, got out their phones and went to college football jersey work.

When they left campus to prepare for the storm, players, coaches and employees went in different directions. They had no idea college basketball jerseys when they would return.

Or what they would return to.

Now that the worst had passed, the priority became checking on the safety of all 380 athletes and one hundred and fifty staff members.

Men's basketball coach Jim Larranaga texted. His team was fine. Women's basketball coach Katie Meier texted. Her team was fine. Check marks started filling the spreadsheet.

But there was trouble tracking down a few football players and coaches in South Florida because of power outages and intermittent cellular service.

Running back Travis Homer's mother had to go to linebacker Zach McCloud's home in Lantana, Florida, to make sure McCloud was safe. He had no cell service and was out helping to clean up showrooms. Cornerbacks coach Mike Rumph also had no cell service or power, and it took hours to locate him, too.

By Tuesday morning, Miami had a check mark next to every coach and player. Deputy athletic director Jennifer Strawley called athletic director Blake James to deliver what is this great.

A raucous celebration ensued.

"It was definitely a moment of jumping up and down and cheering, inch Strawley said.

For the first time in over a week, everyone in the Miami athletic department felt joy. And relief.

We were looking at not alone.

Inside athletic section across the entire state, directors ncaa basketball jersey grappled with the best way to respond to Hurricane Irma. In the end, they had to answer one basic question: What would cheap basketball jerseys best ensure the safety and well-being of their student-athletes, coaches and staff?

To get a sense for what they faced, athletic directors, coaches and players in the state of Florida shared their thoughts now that a return to normalcy has initiated. The following is an inside look at how one storm impacted seven FBS schools and eight football games over a two-week span.

Decision time

Soon there after 5 a. l. on Sunday, Sept. 6, James called Strawley. Had she seen the latest advisory on Irma?

It portended trouble for Florida, and South Florida in particular. The Category 5 storm with 185 mph years barreled over the Caribbean without weakening, and threatened to get to be the most intense hurricane to ever hit the united states.

Miami had two options: am play Arkansas State and stay in that area forever, or release players to their families and provide evacuation options for those with nowhere else to go.

It quickly became apparent that playing the game would not be a viable option. Paranoid parents were calling coaches and directors asking for their children to come home. Players asked to be released so they could help board up windows, buy supplies and take care of their own families.