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The Master in event management and Protocol will turn you into a professional specialist in the strategic management of related protocol events and regulations. The norms that must match the communication strategy from which the intend action has been designed. Throughout the course, you will learn how to design a corporate strategy based on the strategic management of the event. You will acquire the necessary knowledge too adequately. Implement all the functions involved in implementing the protocols in your different professional specializations (social, institutional and business).
You will also learn how to event management Strategic Events and know the tools to design, implement and evaluate the impact of an event on different audiences. In addition, the latest work and professional practice will enable you to practice all the knowledge gained during the course. The Master in Event Management solution and Protocol is aimed at university graduates from any specialization who wish to gain knowledge of the strategic management of events and protocols in their different fields.
Also for communication professionals without specialize training in the strategic management of events and protocols. In this event management you are betting people who are very professional and have a good communication pattern, because you will be face with various problems that exist there.